Marketing gagnant-gagnant

Beaucoup de blogueurs s'étonnent, voire s'offusquent des méthodes bien rodées de cette petite partie de blogueurs français qui s’autoproclament experts et gourous en quelques petites années. Les techniques employées viennent des States et ne font souvent que reproduire à l'identique les grosses ficelles qui marchent chez l'Oncle Sam... Il suffit de s'intéresser deux secondes au marché U.S pour réaliser qu'effectivement, le discours commercial américain est abêtissant. J'en veux pour preuve ces deux extraits de "formations" marketing destinées à vous faire gagner de l'argent... Édifiant !

How to grow your product from zero to millions ! You'd be amazed at what I learned ! Some of it is so effective and so easy to copy that I can't believe more people aren't doing it.

The $33 price is meant to be an introductory offer to build the students and positive reviews. I plan on doubling the price very soon - maybe in the next few days. So if you want to make sure you get in at this special price, sign up now. You won't regret it (but if you wait, you might).


Stop the SEO Insanity ASAP! Let me share my successful proven FREE techniques that work. You 100% don't have to pay so called SEO experts...
Watch and learn and hopefully earn money and results for you and your clients websites. This is a very logical straight forward NON geek speak - I explain it all in very simple terms

Ok OK so you built yourself an amazing, beautifully designed website, you have a great product or service... The World is waiting - Tic Toc, Tic Toc... So what good is all your work if you can't be found on a Google web search? - Let me help you with that!

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